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awards, an appearance on the david letterman show. miner edison peÑa didn't have the slightest idea who letterman was, but he was having a wonderful time. >> ♪ and we can feel like... >> back in copiapo, though, peÑa was hospitalized for anxiety and depression, and he was not alone. mario sepulveda, that most exuberant of men, was on heavy medication. the oldest miner, mario gomez, found it impossible to sleep. alex vega? he couldn't explain why he was doing it, but he was building a wall around his house. >> whenever i hear a noise, i get scared and look around me. my heart beats faster. i can't go into small spaces. i'm taking five or six pills a day now. if i don't take them, i can't sleep, and i wouldn't even be able to sit here. >> all but one of the 33 men, doctors say, have suffered severe psychological problems since the accident. and the miners complain they weren't getting the quality medical care and benefits they needed and were promised. 19 had already lost their disability payments. sebastian piÑera is chile's president. >> couple of the miners told me that they feel l
. >> i've been getting my information through leno and letterman and jon stewart. >> do we have the clip of barney on general petraeus from yesterday? roll that for a second. >> having for a long time argued that my sex life was none of the public's business, i extend the same courtesy to general petraeus and general allen, the notion that you are in trouble for sending flirtatious e-mails is very odd, but i am disappointed when i went to work for the mayor of boston 45 years ago, i was told seriously, hey, kid, there's one thing you you got to remember. you never write when you can talk, you never talk when you can nod, and you neff nod when you can wink. and why these two very intelligent men were sending these embarrassing e-mails is absolutely baffling. >> a lesson for all of us to remember. so remember to wink nod and -- >> is he right, is there anything more than to this than just the exposure of a public figure's sex life? >> the question is whether there were see credit s secrets exposed. >> it's maybe not so much about the affair about the issues this benghazi that were raised
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2